Our Trees

We do things a little differently here.

We source our trees locally from small farmers in Estacada, Molalla, Oregon City and the surrounding areas, after all, these are our neighbors!

We are only open on the weekends. Most people work all week and enjoy making it a family event on the weekend to buy and setup the tree. Our staff also works all week! By being open only on the weekends we can keep our costs low and offer more staff to help you with your tree, and provide you with the best price.

We recycle all of our waste. Because we only cut what we need, we hardly have any waste. But when we do, the extra trees get chipped up, re-used as ground cover and mixed in with mulch to be reused at the farms where the trees grew on. The tree trimmings are sent back to the farm to be made in to wreaths. Yes! You could buy a tree this week and next week your extra clippings could be hung on someone else's front door as a wreath or door swag.


Pre-Order a Christmas Tree

Deliveries begin after Thanksgiving Day